This letter was originally sent to members of the Atlanta School Board and Dr. Beverley Hall.

On behalf of the Sutton Middle School PTA, we feel it is necessary to express our feelings in regards to the announcement of the new North Atlanta High School. Please discern our statements and concerns below as deliberate and determined.

You must distinguish that it is the students, parents, taxpayers, faculty members and property values that incorporate the North Atlanta Cluster. If a decision or direction is not set forth, the momentum and excellence that our schools have achieved and continue to strengthen will perish.

We compete on a high level academically and athletically with several private schools surrounding our district that include some of the finest in the United States. We will lose that competitive edge if overcrowding continues.

Our PTA board speaks to parents throughout our cluster daily, K-8, about the overcrowding and the fact that they cannot make a decision as to their children’s education unless that issue is addressed now and you make a decision.

Regardless of the potential condemnation proceedings as they relate to the Roswell Road/East Andrews site, plus the other potential North Atlanta sites, the lack of commitment that is perceived by the tax base you represent is most important. The damage it is creating is not only immediate but far reaching.

• We together, are affected utmost by your potential decision.

• We together, are the cluster of schools that represent APS’s highest ranking.

• We together, represent your highest test scores.

• We together, represent your foremost tax base and revenue drivers.

• We together, have built a strong community around our neighborhood schools.

• You have allowed overcrowding to take place.

• You have the ability to make a difference, respond accordingly and strengthen APS.

• You must end the procrastination and make a decision.

• You must listen to the tax base you represent as an elected official.

A tipping point has been reached and the North Atlanta Cluster will either crumble or flourish based on your ability to listen and provide the leadership you were elected to provide. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

Reide Onley and Leigh Darby, Sutton Middle School PTA Co-Presidents