More than 300 parents, students and faculty from across DeKalb County attended the first in a series of public meetings aimed at garnering public buy-in to consolidate and redraw attendance lines across the DeKalb County school district, the third largest in the state.

The meeting, a high-tech affair, was held at Chamblee High School, one of the best performing high schools in the district. Parents and faculty got to rate the school district on its overall academic performance, the state of the district’s educational facilities and the safety of the schools and see their results in real time.

At the Chamblee meeting, which was comprised largely of people involved in the north part of the school district, 45 percent ranked the “overall” education in DeKalb as “fair.”

The massive undertaking to consolidate and close some of the more than 140 education centers across the county is scheduled for a vote by the DeKalb County Board of Education in February.