An observant Zone 2 Atlanta Police officer on patrol in the 1 Buckhead Loop area likely thwarted a smash-and-grab theft from the Nordstrom Rack store in Buckhead Station around 2 a.m. Nov. 17.

Officer C. Harding spotted a black Dodge Ram pickup truck at the bottom of the escalator, below the Nordstrom Rack clothing store on the second level of the shopping center, according to an account issued by Carlos Campos, public affairs manager for the Atlanta Police Department.

The officer then noticed three males on the second-floor walkway outside of Nordstrom Rack. Officer Harding pulled into the parking lot to a spot where he could observe the three males without being seen, according to Carlos’ account of the events.

However, one of the suspects spotted the officer as he came down the escalator. The officer observed the suspect hide behind the Dodge pickup and radioed for backup help. .
Zone 2 units along with units from the DUI task force responded to the location and the three males were taken into custody after brief foot chase, according to the report.
A total of four males, three juveniles and one adult, were apprehended prior to entering the Nordstrom Rack business. However, they had placed rocks by the store windows, according to the report from Carlos.
The black Dodge Ram pickup they were driving, was reported by Zone 5 as having been stolen earlier in the evening from the Underground Atlanta area.

John Schaffner

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.