To the editor:

With all the back and forth controversy over the issue of building a Chick-fil-A with a double drive-thru in the old Blockbuster strip mall, I have this Swiftian modest proposal:

Rather than putting a Chick-fil-A in that location, why don’t we just offer amnesty to our outlawed Dunwoody chicken ranchers, allow them to bring their contraband hens and roosters down from their attics or up from their crawlspaces, then raise them again out in the open in their backyards – good grain-fed poultry.

Then we can open our own Dunwoody chicken and waffle diner at that same location, and for those chicken ranchers who choose not to slaughter their hens, we could give the Egg McMuffin a run for its money. This way the city of Dunwoody could collect tax revenue from not only the retail process, but production and wholesale as well.

But the most advantageous part of this idea, at least to me, is that I would be able to get a good chicken dinner on Sundays.

Gary Ray Betz