To the editor:

We are residents and taxpayers in the city of Atlanta with children in the Atlanta Public Schools system. We were concerned enough about the reckless disregard for board governing laws by certain elected school board members and the imminent danger this poses for continued accreditation and bond credit ratings that we filed an ethics complaint, following the established guidelines and procedures with the appropriate grievance body, against five members of the board as was recently reported in the press.

We are as appalled as anyone about the alleged actions of the “former” board chair in connection with reported unilateral and secret meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and the APS administration regarding well publicized evidence of possible illegal test score changes on the part of APS faculty and staff and an alleged cover up of this by the APS administration and outside parties.

But we are equally as appalled at the “palace coup” by the “group of five” against whom we have filed ethics complaints. Regardless of their feelings about the actions of the chair, nothing warrants this blatant disregard of board governing laws. There is the so-called “clean hands” maxim of the law which says “to seek equity, one must do equity” and what we are seeking, first and foremost, is that the laws be followed so that ultimate outcomes will have the full force and effect of the law, and not be tainted by the “dirty hands” of one side or the other.

What we have done is not partisan and hardly frivolous …unless one considers loss of accreditation and bond ratings to be frivolous. All elected school board members need to govern by following board laws and not in a vigilante fashion that is leading us to a train wreck with the accreditation and bond rating agencies.

Allison Adair and Kim Kahwach