To the editor:

Please allow me to thank the 800 volunteers from North Atlanta Church of Christ, Dunwoody Baptist Church, All Saints Knights of Columbus and Life Center Church for a hugely successful Saturday, Nov. 6, “Civic Action Day”.

Repairs were made at the Donaldson Bannister Farm House, erosion was halted at the Brook Run Levetan Park, maintenance was performed at the Dunwoody Nature Center, shrubs were trimmed, almost 1,000 fire hydrants were painted, street signs cleaned and I-285 ramps had litter cleaned up. Landscapes were improved at several schools, nature preserves and ball fields.

Several drivers on Chamblee Dunwoody Road voiced their appreciation for the chain sawing of a dead tree at the I-285 overpass.

As chairman of the Dunwoody City Volunteer Committee, I can offer a heartfelt “thank you” to all participants for their civic pride.

Bill Tobin