The Dunwoody City Council Nov. 22 approved the use of stainless steel bike racks in Dunwoody Village.

The issue was controversial because a city ordinance aims to standardize fixtures such as bike racks. The racks, under the ordinance, were to be painted green.

The loosening of restrictions is a victory for Mitch Garber, a bicycle advocate who has been attempting to raise money for the stainless steel racks.

In a 4-3 vote, Councilman Danny Ross voted against the measure.

“Not that I don’t like bikes,” he said. “(But) I think we need to have consistency in our color scheme… It starts to define who we are … everything should have the same look and feel.”

Councilwomen Adrian Bonser, who supported the change, disagreed.

“Stainless steel is a neutral color,” she said.