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Dec. 4, 1981: MARTA – Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit – initially opened four stations on its new North-South Line: Garnett, Five Points, Civic Center and North Avenue. At the time, the Peachtree Center Station was bypassed until the project was completed. At the time, only the northbound track was used for north and south bound service.

Dec. 7, 1938: At New York’s Waldorf Astoria, the New York Southern Society celebrated its 53rd anniversary at the annual Dixie Dinner Dance gala. The evening feature was awarding the Medal of Distinction to Atlanta’s Margaret Mitchell for her Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel Gone With the Wind. The award was for outstanding achievement of perpetuating Southern traditions, customs, and history. Harold Latham, Macmillan editor and a personal friend, Mitchell accepted the award on her behalf.

Dec. 12, 1966: The United Supreme Court refused to review a Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling that the state’s antitrust law could not be used to transfer the National League Braves from Milwaukee to Atlanta.

Dec. 15, 1941: The Fulton County Medical Society dedicated its impressive Academy of Medicine at 875 West Peachtree St. Ralph Didschuneit constructed the building, designed by Kennon Perry and the firm of Hentz, Adler, and Schutze. The designated Atlanta Landmark site, now owned by the Georgia Tech Foundation, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April 1980.

Dec. 19, 1895: The Craigie House, created for the 1895 Cotton States and International Exhibit held for 100 days in Piedmont Park, is turned over to Atlanta by the state of Massachusetts. The house would eventually become home t the Atlanta Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Craigie House served as its headquarters from December 1895 until 1909, when the organization sold it for $400 and opened a new chapter building also named Craigie House on Piedmont Avenue in 1911. For 74 years it served the Atlanta Chapter until 1985 when it suffered tree-fall damaged and was eventually sold in 2001 to Inman Park Properties. The Georgia Trust has place the 1911 Craigie House on its 2011 list of Places in Peril in Georgia.

Dec. 25, 1930: The Fox Theatre celebrated a very low-key first anniversary. During the past 12 months the management and operation of the house changed from the West Coast Theaters to Lowe’s Inc. The anniversary film featured Princess and the Plumber, was based on Alice Duer Miller’s story published in the Saturday Evening Post magazine. The film directed by Alexander Korda starred Maureen O’Sullivan, Charles Farrell and J. B. Warner.

Dec. 26, 1965: Georgia Science and Technology Commission counted 375 computers installations in its recent statewide survey of computers counted in Georgia. Seventy nine percent were being operated by businesses, 14.5 percent for scientific research and 6.5 percent for education and instruction.

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