To the Editor

Your Nov. 19 issue announces that our city fathers are pursuing the failed Georgia Music Hall of Fame for Dunwoody, proposing a “public-private” partnership. I am strongly against any public money being involved in this pursuit.

This hall had paid admissions of $112,000 last year, much less than the $166,000 electric utility bill. Of the total operating budget of $886,000, $386,000 came from a State subsidy (our taxes), and the state will not be paying more subsidies.

The citizens of Dunwoody should not be saddled with a known financial albatross so our city fathers can strut and preen their feathers. This is exactly the reason we voted to separate as much as we could from DeKalb County.

If only private money is used, more power and best of luck to them. If any public money is promised or used, I will vote against every one of the city fathers involved in our next election and would support a recall effort.

Christopher M. Johnston