During its first five years, the city of Sandy Springs has marked great moments and major achievements with the release of commemorative pins.

The small, shiny metal souvenirs have noted everything from the start of the city to the opening of Morgan Falls Overlook Park, from the creation of the police and fire departments to the day the city adopted its comprehensive plan.

Why issue commemorative pins? “The pins are a great way to commemorate important events in the life of the city and to strengthen the ties with our constituents as they and their friends collect the pins,” said Mayor Eva Galambos.

The city’s brief history has produced a number of important dates. Since residents approved the formation of Sandy Springs at the ballot box in the summer of 2005, the city has established its headquarters at

7840 Roswell Road, and created its own traditions, such as the annual celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and Veterans Day.

After the formation of the city, officials began working to build Sandy Springs’ own public safety departments. By July 1, 2006, the Police Department began its operations. The Sandy Springs fire department followed in December 2006.

With a new city comes the responsibility of maintaining roads, building bridges, planning parks and other public services and resources. There’s been no shortage in Sandy Springs of milestones to commemorate.