400 block of Morgan Falls Road 30350 – A man called police and said he was robbed on Nov. 17 while he walked from the QT Store on Roswell Road to his apartment on Morgan Falls Road. He was robbed by a guy whom he knew as “D.” “D” is a local “Dope Boy” in the area. He said “D” got a $500 money order that he bought at the QT for his rent. The officer went to QT and found out the victim never purchased a money order. The detective then talked with the victim who said he lied but that “D” had robbed him of $500 cash on that day. Case is still being investigated.

300 block of Summit Place 30350 – On Nov. 22, a man reported that he was in his car when a man came up to his silver Nissan Altima and ordered him out of the car. The suspect had a gun. The suspect took the car and drove away. The victim said he saw the suspect with two other men earlier at the Citgo at Dunwoody Place and believes they followed him to the apartment complex. (This one still has a “not sure” factor so we’re still investigating all of the information.)

1100 block of Summit Place 30350 – Two men were smoking outside an apartment just after 10 p.m. on Nov. 23. Two other men came up to them, pulled a gun, and took several items from them. They did not immediately call the police but did so later saying that the bad guys didn’t get that much so they didn’t rush the call. One male suspect is 5-9”, 140-150 pounds, dark skin, wearing a white t-shirt and gray hoodie, jeans and a ball cap. The second suspect is a male, light skin, 5-6”, 140 pounds, and wore a dark jacket.


5000 block of Green Hill Place 30328 – The victim said someone entered his home on Nov. 18 through the garage. There were signs of forced entry. A 47-inch flat screen TV and a laptop were stolen.

4500 block of Jolyn Place 30342 – On Nov. 18 someone tried but failed to kick in the victim’s door at the back of the home. The perp then tried to kick in the door from the garage but failed. Both doors cracked but would not open. Nothing was stolen.

6900 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On Nov. 18, it appeared that someone climbed to the second floor balcony of an apartment, then opened a locked sliding glass door and took a television. Apartment residents: Don’t think the second or even third floor is high enough to not lock up. For sliding doors, the best security is the ol’ broomstick across the bottom of the sliding tray to keep the sliding door from opening. There are front door stops that you can place on the carpet and extend the stick with the rubber tip against the door. The base of the stick won’t slide against the carpet and most will withstand a good bit of kicking while keeping the door shut.

400 block of Carriage Drive 30328 – Someone apparently cut a screen and opened an unlocked window to get into the house on Nov. 18. Two televisions and several other electronic items were stolen.

Drummen Court 30328 – On Nov. 18, someone cut the screen to an unlocked window and entered the home. The victim reported a TV missing. The suspect apparently entered from a back-yard fenced area. The fence was damaged.

300 block of Eastcoat Drive – No forced entry. The victim was out of town. The victim’s sister and a babysitter had access to the house. The sister, who reported the incident on Nov. 18, said diamond earrings and a wedding band were taken.

5500 block of New Northside Drive 30327 – Responding to an alarm on Nov. 18, an officer found the front door to an animal hospital (glass) shattered. Two televisions were taken. From video it appears two suspects broke the glass and took the two TV’s in two minutes.

5500 block of Cross Gate Ct. 30328 – The resident reported that he was awakened around 2 a.m. on Nov. 22 by a noise; however he could not find the source. Around 6:30 a.m. his wife woke to walk the dog and found a glass panel had been pushed out from the door and someone had taken the victim’s wallet from the kitchen counter area.

5800 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – Someone entered an office on Nov. 22 after breaking a window with a rock. The burglar took a laptop and LCD monitor from the office.

4100 block of Glenridge Stratford Drive 30342 – On Nov. 22, someone pried the front door to the apartment and took a TV and Wii video game system.

8100 block of Colquitt Road 30350 -Someone forced entry to the front door of the victim’s apartment on Nov. 22. Two laptop computers were taken.

400 block of Windsor Pkwy 30342 – The victim said she locked up before leaving the house on Nov. 23, and when she returned the doors were still locked. She noticed an inside door that is normally left unlocked WAS locked. She then found that four laptops and some jewelry were missing. The alarm system had not been activated because it was not armed. You really need to turn those alarm systems on even when you’re only gone a short time. In this case, one hour was all it took.


800 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328 – On Nov. 16, a woman reported that someone used her credit cards to make unauthorized purchases. She said that she left her purse unattended for a while on the previous day. She said a male and female who were not employees of the school were seen walking around and left through a door that was supposed to be secure. Keep a close eye even when you think you’re in a secured area. “Office Creepers” blend in and then when no one is looking, they take a peek in office areas and behind desks, etc. I still think that during the business day, you’d be better off stashing credit cards and your ID in your pocket.

335 Hammond Drive 30328 – The victim was contacted by his credit card company about suspicious charges made on his cards. He found that someone had stolen his cards from his wallet in the senior community apartment complex. The victim said on Nov. 17 that he does leave his door unlocked at times. We have several senior community and senior assisted-living communities in Sandy Springs. They are safe but in any residential community, there are lots of people going here and there. Although safe and generally contained in a way that visitors have to log in, some people slip through and theft can happen. Lock those doors.

8371 Roswell Road 30350 – Two men ate $48 worth of food at a restaurant on Nov. 17, and then left fake money on the table. The complainant said the dollar bill had a photo of President Obama and read “Zero Dollars” on it. A lot of people don’t realize this but normally the server has to pay when the customer bolts.

6300 block of Roswell Road 30328 – A store employee said on Nov. 17 two males grabbed several pairs of jeans, ran out the side entrance of the store, got into a white compact car and left on Roswell Road.

7700 block of Roswell Road 30350 – A silver 2010 Toyota Camry was reported stolen by the rental company on Nov. 17 after the person who rented it failed to return it.

A man reported that on November 21st, he parked his 1989 Mercedes 300SE in the parking lot of the Publix at 1100 Hammond Drive while he went into the store. Fifteen minutes later, he came out and found the car gone.

1001 Johnson Ferry Road 30342 – Someone took a tote bag from an employee area station at the Children’s Hospital on Nov. 21.

700 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328 – A woman reported on Nov. 22 that she was staying in a hotel room and requested someone come and check her computer. She believes one of the two computer-repair employees stole her ATM card.

5 Concourse Pkwy 30328 – Employees of an office reported on Nov. 22 that someone had stolen items from their office area while they were in the conference room having lunch. According to the complainants, an iPhone was taken from a desk and $15 in cash was missing from another employee’s purse. They pointed out that two men were in the office working on the sprinkler system. The two men were separated and questioned. One employee said the other probably took the items because while they were working, he left for a short while, saying he was going to the bathroom. The officers spoke with the second man who had that “uh-oh” look on his face. He confessed that he had stolen the phone and cash and had taken them to another bathroom on the 26th floor and stashed the items behind a toilet. The man was charged with two counts of theft. DON’T leave your good stuff lying around even if you feel it is in a safe office area. People steal things when the opportunity is there.

5901 Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On Nov 23, a man reported that he saw a male wearing a white Atlanta Hawks jersey walking near his office. He asked the man if he could help him. The man said he was a building maintenance worker. The complainant then left. He later found that a laptop was taken from his office just after the time he spoke with the man. The suspect wore a gray sweatshirt under the jersey and had on baggy jeans.


1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328, Nov. 15

6350 Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, Nov. 17

1300 block of Summit Place 30350, Nov. 17

600 block of Summit Springs Drive 30350, Nov. 18

Dunwoody Place and Roswell Road 30350, Nov. 21 – A laptop was stolen from an unlocked car.

5840 Roswell Road 30328, Nov. 22 – Stolen tag

1500 block of Northridge Road 30350, Nov. 23 – Laptop

500 Northridge Road 30350, Nov. 23 – Garmin GPS

4920 Roswell Road 30342, Nov. 23 – Wallet

6100 Roswell Road 30328, Nov. 23 – Wallet


6000 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – A company rep said on Nov. 16 they hired a man and paid him once with a check. After that he didn’t come around much so they fired him. In the meantime, he cashed over $5,000 in fake checks using the company account info.

A woman reported that someone opened up three credit card accounts without her permission or knowledge: Best Buy $3000; Target $493 and Belk (unknown). The perp lives somewhere in Mississippi or Louisiana.

A man on Scott Valley Road said someone obtained his debit card number and used it at Starbucks, Wings Café, the car wash and a pizza place.

A woman reported that someone, using her identity, attempted to open credit card accounts at Macy’s, Target and Sears.

A man reported that he sent $550 to an address on to purchase a Skyfort Cedar Playset from a clearance store. When he did not receive any contact afterwards, he contacted craigslist and was told they were trying to get the ad off the site because it was a common scam.


Officers responded to Natchez Trace and met with a man who said he was attacked by another man with a large board. He was hit on the side of the head three times and had lacerations consistent with the story. He knew the other man but the report didn’t state the motive.

5975 Roswell Road 30328 On Nov. 17, a man reported that he was at a restaurant/bar and got into an altercation with a man named “Mike.” “Mike” was apparently a singer in the band. The manager of the bar said the victim was rude to his staff members. The guy got kicked, slapped and thrown out.


Marco went to 1100 Hammond Drive to steal something from the Publix Store. Marco placed 34 items in his coat and pants. The stolen items included 14 tubes of toothpaste, 10 deodorant sticks, a three-piece pack of chicken and of course, 8 packs of condoms. From this list, does it appear Marco is more concerned with his appearance and his love life than his diet? He was arrested.

1100 Hammond Drive 30328 – A man stole a bottle of face lotion from the Rite Aid Store on Nov. 18. As the operator dispatched the lookout, a reserve-unit officer spotted the man running and apprehended him. The $8 face lotion was returned and the man was arrested. His face looked terrible.

An employee reported that a man came into the Love Shack on Roswell Road on November 21 around 1 a.m. The man stole a DVD and a dildo. The employee locked the door and told the man to just return the property and leave. The man pushed the employee to the ground and ran out. Later, the man returned to the store. The employee told him to leave and that she was calling the cops. She did so and the man ran off. A lookout was given on the suspect. A patrol car spotted the suspect based on the lookout—which included the suspect was in possession of a stolen dildo. The suspect was located. The man, who was intoxicated (big surprise), was arrested. The dildo was never recovered—big deal, who wants in back anyway? You can’t make this stuff up.

On November 21 around 2 a.m., a patrol officer found a car with a man inside parked behind the Orchard Park Shopping Center on Dunwoody Club Drive. The man was asleep. The car smelled like marijuana. The driver was cited for disorderly conduct and released.

A man was arrested at the Kroger Store at 227 Sandy Springs Place after he stole two trays of sushi and placed them in the plastic bags containing the groceries that he had paid for. The man said he didn’t mean to steal the sushi but that he forgot it wasn’t paid for when he put it in the bag.

Cops responded to the 8100 block of Colquitt Road on a domestic fight. They spoke with both parties who said the argument started when one of the parties was talking to someone on Facebook. Both decided to separate and then argued over the clothing being taken. They then “wrestled” which is when someone called the police. One of the parties was found to be wanted for theft in Fayette County. He was arrested and turned over to Fayette County deputies.

A man was arrested on November 22 after he was caught shoplifting air fresheners from the Rite Aid Drugs in the 4500 block of Roswell Road. The arrested man was also wanted on a probation violation.

300 block of Summit Place 30350 – Officers responded to an apartment on Nov. 22 to meet with a man who told the following: He was walking past an apartment building to meet a friend. An older female, who was standing in front of the building, demanded to know why he was walking in front of the building. He ignored her so she cursed at him so he cursed back. She then assaulted him, scratching him on the neck. A witness confirmed the story. The woman was charged but not taken to jail because she was babysitting her three grandchildren.

Roswell and Spalding Drive 30328 – On Nov. 22, a patrol officer ran a car tag on a Chevy Monte Carlo and the return noted the car was stolen from Atlanta. The officer, who had passed the car, turned around and found the car parked in front of a barber shop. There were two men near the car but walking away from it. One of the men, as he passed another parked car, leaned down and placed something under the tire. The officer, who is a K-9 officer and who had the dog on the ground with him, halted the two men and ordered them to a safe position, which was on the ground. The two didn’t want to comply, but the K-9 successfully convinced them it was a good idea. They were later arrested after the item they had placed on the ground turned out to be a key to the Monte Carlo. They were arrested for Theft by Receiving.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – An Officer was called to Whole Foods at Hammond and Roswell Roads on Nov. 23 after an employee observed a man steal two candy bars valued at just under five bucks. The man was also wanted by SSPD on a Failure to Appear charge in city court. He was arrested.


A man walked into a convenience store-gas station and demanded a refund for two car washes that totaled $16. The attendant said he could not refund them because they were purchased at the gas pumps. The man cursed and caused a scene and then went to his car. The attendant followed him, telling him he needed to show “respect.” The man in the car pulled a knife and showed it to the attendant and said he would hit him with it. The “suspect” then called the police and told the officer that he wanted to tell his side. He prequalified his side of the story by saying he was a millionaire businessman and wanted the refund out of principle. The attendant followed him out and grabbed him and out of fear he grabbed his knife and well, you probably can figure out the rest of the story…


A security guard, working at the La Dona Night Club on Northwood Drive, said while he was doing a pat-down on a patron entering the club, he felt what appeared to be a weapon on the man’s waistband. The man struggled with the security guard and ran from the club. The guard did manage to get the gun from the man before he fled.

A man on Bransford Road reported his car was damaged when someone threw a pumpkin, hitting the brake light.


Police went to Spalding Trail in reference to an assault complaint. A woman complained that a neighbor man had assaulted her after she complained to him about the noise (music) coming from his apartment. The man said he turned the music up to drown out the stomping on the floor the woman did to irritate him. She said he poured a cup of water on her. He said he was washing the landing outside his door and some of the water must have splashed on her.


DNA evidence returned from the July, 2010, homicide of a Hispanic male found in a dumpster at an apartment off Northridge Road, shows the victim was killed in a Dunwoody apartment. The DNA evidence showed the victim was at the apartment at the approximate time he was killed. The homicide investigation has been turned over to the Dunwoody Police Department.

Charges have been filed against two adults in connection with the September, 2010, death of a 2-year old child at 8025 Roswell Road. SSPD detectives charged 25-year old Kiyosha Bell, mother of the 11-year old who was babysitting the victim at the time of her death, and 23-year old Ashlea Danielle Collier, mother of the victim. Both were charged with Cruelty to Children (2nd degree-felony) charges. The victim was in the custody of the 11-year old when she died of what appeared to be blunt force trauma.