To the editor:

I must confess that if it were not for the horrible traffic situation on West Paces Ferry Road every day beginning at 2:30 p.m., I would think that The Paces is a good location for a school that has no extracurricular activities like sports or band practice.

The cut-through traffic is already maximized: Valley Road. is at a creeping rate; Habersham Road and Andrews feed in more cars than can be handled. We have such gridlock that West Paces Ferry is at a crawl for hours all the way to Northside Parkway. How many more cars would this school generate for the neighborhoods?

This is a very bad idea. Other locations are much more suited to this use than The Paces: IBM campus and the old Home Depot site on Sidney Marcus Blvd.

What are the advantages of having a huge school needing parking and isolation from alcohol at The Paces? There is a restaurant practically across the street selling wine and liquor, and there are many more in the area nearby.

Please register my negative vote on putting the school at The Paces.

Patricia B. Jones


To the editor:

The Paces Apartments site is inappropriate and should be taken out of consideration for the following reasons.

• Rush-hour traffic at the intersections of West Paces Ferry, Roswell Road and Peachtree Road is already nightmarish, and the excess traffic will spill over to Mt. Paran, Habersham, West Wesley, and Peachtree Battle.

• The highest concentration of liquor licensed establishments in Buckhead is in close proximity to the site, and there are approximately 150 businesses and a residential area that will be negatively impacted. The St. Regis Hotel is across the street and could be hurt badly.

• There are two streams that run through the property, and it could take up to a year and a half to get environmental approval to disturb them.

• There will probably be lawsuits filed by those negatively affected as well as by the owner, who has a contract of sale pending to other buyers, and the litigation could go on for years.

The most desirable site is at the IBM Campus.

• The school traffic would be heading in the opposite direction to the morning and afternoon commuter traffic, actually drawing traffic out of the central Buckhead area.

• The site is large, beautiful, with plenty of room to grow, and there are substantial buildings there that might be converted to a high school.

• The campus is isolated, and football games and band practice won’t bother surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.

The old Home Depot site has its advantages also.

• There are no bars close by, and businesses such as Target and Best Buy may actually welcome a new school.

• The site is close to a Marta Station, Buford Hwy., Lindberg and Piedmont roads. Also Morosco Street that leads to the site from Piedmont Road is very wide but carries very little traffic during rush hours.

Brent Blythe


To the editor:

In my opinion, the proposed location at the site of Paces Apartments is a very bad idea, for all the obvious reasons.

The IBM location would be a far better location in terms of traffic, environment, and the ability to grow in a green friendly atmosphere.

The Home Depot location would be the second best choice; with access to Marta, GA 400, and I-85.

We’ve already let developers make a huge mistake in Buckhead Village; doing it again is insane.

Tommy Oliver


To the editor:

I am opposed to the new high school being built at West Paces Ferry and E. Andrews.

I am in favor of the other two possible school sites that would be on Northside Parkway or at the old Home Depot site at Sidney Marcus.

Roberta Z. Foley


To the editor:

I would like to state my opposition to building a school at the site of the Paces Apartments on E. Andrews and W. Paces Ferry in Buckhead. The traffic problems this would create would be horrific. I live less than a mile away and work in the vicinity. This would create a nightmare. There are better alternatives to this already congested area!

Ann Rast


To the editor:

I live in Buckhead on Habersham. I cannot imagine the traffic getting worse in our area, however, if this proposed site is approved it will go to standstill! If you must do something, why not buy the “Streets of Buckhead” nightmare on Pharr Road. At least then there would be the trade-off of getting rid of an eyesore in our area for the increase in traffic!

Jon Pinch