• Dylan Jeffay, senior
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Dylan Jeffay

Dylan Jeffay is a three-sport athlete and committed to serving the community across cultural divides.

“I play football, basketball, and I run track, so that keeps me busy most of the time. I have a few service organizations, however, that I make time for because they are important to me,” Dylan said.

Dylan does most of his volunteering over the summer. He teaches at Westminster’s summer program, called Inspira, where he combines two passions: a love of math and science, and service to the Latino community. “We work with middle school-aged Latino students from around the city, and we teach them math and science, show them it’s fun,” he said.

He also participated in Westminster’s inaugural mission trip to Guatemala, which has now become an annual venture for the school.

His former basketball coach and advisor for the trip, Westminster Spanish teacher Daniel Searl, has become a role model for Dylan.

“His influence has definitely been a guiding force in my life since that trip,” Dylan said.

The trip affected Dylan. He says it was incredible to him how little the people of Guatemala possessed. He and his classmates worked to build structurally sound houses for families in Guatemala during the summer before his junior year.

Dylan’s passion for service crosses cultural boundaries. He takes Spanish at school, and his love for the language and the culture is what initially got him involved with the Inspira program and the Guatemala mission trip.

He traveled to Argentina last summer to participate in an exchange program. He lived with an Argentinean family and had the opportunity to attend school and immerse himself in the culture. “I really like to travel, and I think it’s really important to experience other cultures,” Dylan said.

Dylan’s time during the school year is divided between academics and athletics, and he excels in both.

He’s a National Merit Finalist and a National Merit Hispanic Scholar, takes a heavy course load and still finds time to play sports year-round. He is a captain of his track team, and as well as a leader on the field and court.

“I try to lead by setting a good example. I try to be the kind of player and teammate that the younger guys can look up to,” Dylan said.

Dylan’s passion for the teams of which he is a part sets him apart from other players. He admits that he is most passionate about football, but that he gives his “heart and soul” to every team for which he plays.

“Sports are really important to me. It’s how I choose to spend my time and it’s really what I focus on. I don’t want to give less than my best to my team,” Dylan said.

What’s Next:

Dylan looks to further his education at one of the many schools to which he is applying: Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Boston College or the University of Virginia. He wants to study in the math-science arena, though he is still undecided on a career. After proddin,g he admits he hopes to play football during his collegiate career as well.

–Megan Ernst