By John Schaffner

Early morning MARTA rail line service was disrupted Dec. 10after a man was struck by a train and killed at the Lindbergh station.

The rail line shutdown involved northbound and southbound trains on MARTA’s red and gold lines that run through Buckhead to and from the northern suburbs.

MARTA officials set up a bus shuttle to transport passengers between the Arts Center station to the south and the Buckhead and Lenox stations north of Lindbergh. By 7:45 a.m., northbound and southbound trains were running through the Lindbergh station on an alternating basis as the bus shuttle continued.

By 8:30 a.m., MARTA had re-opened Lindbergh’s southbound platform. Trains were running in both directions but only on the southbound track. By 9 a.m., service was restored.

Joseph Dorsey, MARTA’s assistant police chief, said there were no passengers on the train that hit the man.

John Schaffner

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.