Dunwoody Councilman Danny Ross set the record straight on the City Council’s support for bringing the Georgia Music Hall of Fame to the city.

At the beginning of the Dec. 13 meeting, Ross noted that the council should not have taken a vote on the item, which was not listed as a resolution on the official agenda.

“I really wanted to expunge the vote on the record,” he said.

The council supported a Dec. 10 bid to attempt to lure the museum to the city by a 4-2 vote.

However, Councilman Denis Shortal and John Heneghan voted against putting their best wishes behind the proposal.

The council was not asked to provide any financial support to the proposal. Ross, for his part, said that a person-by-person accounting was not what he was seeking.

“It’s a majority of the council,” Ross said of the 4-2 vote.  “This was for the council to support, but we weren’t asking for any resolution.”

Ross, along with members of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, have been leading the way in the pursuit of museum, currently located in Macon. Several other cities are attempting to woe the facility, which honors greats such as TLC, “Blind Willie” McTell and Jerry Reed.