To the editor:

Mr. Schaffner I’d like to weigh in on your commentary in the Dec. 3-Dec. 16 edition of the Brookhaven Reporter.

I have been coming to Brookhaven Park for the last eight years, twice a day, to walk my dog. I have seen Ronnie Mayer there exactly twice.

Each time it was all about him promoting himself and his plans for the Brookhaven park and how great it will be for everybody (e.g. kicking out the community services folks, knocking down their building and replacing it with a coffee shop and a library, the DMV). He stated this in front of a group of people, so I don’t think this is a secret.

So I have to question his motives when I read in your commentary that his wife called your newspaper to basically set up a photo shoot so that he can promote himself and how much of a good citizen he is. In your article, you were up front about that fact, but it makes one wonder about the role of your paper.

Maybe I’m a little jaded, but I always check my wallet when someone tells how great they are and what good things they are going to do for me. It makes me doubly jaded when I read it in the newspaper too.

John Lurz