The city of Dunwoody filed suit Monday against DeKalb County over millions the city says it is owed to improve Brook Run Park.

The city’s demands for approximately $7 million has been ignored since it formally received the 102-acre park this summer.

State legislation outlines that any unspent bond proceeds that DeKalb County holds for the improvement of Brook Run Park be transferred to Dunwoody.

According to city officials, $11.5 million was promised for Brook Run to DeKalb County voters in 2005 as part of a $96-million bond package. The county has spent $4 million on the park, say city officials.

Brian Anderson, Dunwoody city attorney, said the lawsuit was in the making for some time.

“The die was cast when they ignored our demand letter,” he said. “Without any dialogue there’s no agreement.”

County representatives have argued that nothing on the 2005 ballot for the bonds specifies that Brook Run Park was in line to receive any money.

But according to city officials and state representatives that wrote the legislation outlining the transferring of parks, the ballot is irrelevant. If the city can prove that voters – through forums and meetings — were presented with information that certain parks would receive a certain amount of funding, then that’s binding.

Dunwoody officials say they have the documents to prove that Brook Run Park was promised millions.