By Rick Callihan

Happy New Year, Dunwoody. Here’s to a prosperous 2011. Many changes are coming for Dunwoody residents this year including school redistricting, new sidewalks and road resurfacing. I’ve created a brief 2011 Wish List for Dunwoody.

How about successful state legislation bringing back Milton County—a new Milton County that includes Dunwoody? That makes sense geographically and financially, but will make the passing of such a proposal more difficult. Being part of a newly formed Milton gets us out of the mess known as DeKalb schools.


Soon, our highly paid interim superintendent, Ramona Tyson, will present to the school board her plan for redistricting, merges, and school closings for the county. Many Dunwoody residents will most likely find themselves zoned into a new elementary school. With Vanderlyn and Austin being over capacity by 400 children combined, while the new Dunwoody Elementary has 400 empty seats, changing elementary school attendance lines makes sense. There is an outside chance attendance lines in Dunwoody remain the same with another grade level added to Dunwoody Elementary. Peachtree Middle and Dunwoody High are also over capacity, but I’d be surprised to see changes in their attendance zones.

My wish is that the school system’s plan is one that balances enrollment and provides a great learning environment for Dunwoody students.

Parks and more

My wish regarding parks is for a bond referendum to be put forth to the voters next year. The bond referendum would raise perhaps $25 million dollars to be used not only for Brook Run Park but also other parks and for land acquisitions.

Next on the wish list is a new building for the Dunwoody Nature Center,.The Dunwoody Music Conservancy submitted a proposal to bring the Georgia Music Hall of Fame to Dunwoody. My next wish is that the ‘Dunwoody’ bid is successful in landing the Hall. The last wish is for more road resurfacing and new sidewalk construction.

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