To the Editor,

As a parent of two children attending North Atlanta High School and a long-time Buckhead resident, I was disappointed in the decision not to pursue the East Andrews Drive/Buckhead Village location for the new high school.

The NIMBYs won with their thinly veiled arguments about traffic gridlock, tax base erosion, environmental impacts, and corruption of our kids because of the proximity to restaurants and nightclubs that serve alcohol.

But what is most disappointing is the alternative site most often mentioned at the IBM office complex on Northside Parkway. Since when were high schools so offensive that they were to be placed in the far corners of our community as if they were a toxic waste site?

I want my kids attending a school that is physically woven into the community it serves- next to churches, homes and local businesses.

What message are we sending our kids about their place in our community when the best we can offer is a lonely campus sandwiched between a busy four-lane and Interstate highway? What opportunities will they have to experience all the good things our community has to offer at the Northside Parkway location?

I only hope in looking for another location we can do better for our community and for our kids than to choose some remote outpost along a busy interstate and at the end of a freeway off ramp that no one objects to only because it’s too objectionable a place to want to be.

Kevin McCauley