• Will Brewster, senior
  • Pace Academy
Will Brewster

Will Brewster is a leader in academics, sports and service.

He has committed to play football at Amherst College next year, but his commitment to service and leadership is what really sets him apart.

“I don’t want to say that leadership is about leading all the time, but it’s about being there all the time,” Will said. “That makes you a leader.”

Will is a three-sport athlete and a two-sport captain.

He’s participated in football, soccer, and swimming for Pace throughout high school. Last year, he was the Most Valuable Player on both the soccer and football teams. He was named first team, All-Region quarterback and to the second-team, All North Metro Area in soccer, and won his region’s Coaches’ Choice award for football.

Will has been the recipient of some of Pace’s most prestigious awards.

His freshman year, he received the Wheeler Award, which recognizes scholar athletes who “exemplify the highest standard of academic excellence, good sportsmanship and citizenship.”

Last year, he was named both an Orkin and a Hawkins scholar, recognizing him as “a student of exceptional quality” and his commitment to “citizenship, scholarship, honor, and athletic achievement.”

Will was also named a National Merit Scholar for his achievement on the PSAT, and was in the second round of the American Mathematics Competitions. Will has been a member of his school’s math team since 10th grade.

Will has served as class president since his sophomore year. Though he holds many leadership positions around his school campus, he thinks leadership means something more than just a title.

“I think leadership is what you do when everyone looks to you,” Will said. “Not necessarily doing the right thing when it’s expected of you, but when times are hard. Like if you’re down in a game or doing poorly on a project, people look to you. It’s your job to get everyone involved.”

Will has a commitment to service that is rooted in personal experience.

“Service has always been a big part of my life. My older sister has Down syndrome, so I did a lot of service with Special Olympics when she was involved with that, and it all kind of stemmed from that,” Will said.

He is a Peer Leader at Pace, which means he’s one of 14 male seniors, who, with 14 senior girls, are chosen to mentor incoming freshmen. “It’s really based on helping freshmen bridge their way into the Upper School. Give the freshman an upperclassman to talk to, if they need anything,” Will said.

He is also the service leader for Pace’s outreach to Atlanta Community Food Bank.

“We go every other or every third week to the Food Bank downtown, and help them sort food,” Will said. “As the leader, I organize that.”

What’s Next:

Will plans to attend Amherst College next year to play football. He intends to study economics, business and psychology.

–Megan Ernst