Magnet programs at Chamblee High School and Chamblee Middle School would be moved to Avondale high and middle schools under a sweeping redistricting option that was considered Jan. 3 by the DeKalb County school board.

Under the same plan, Kittredge Elementary School, located at 1663 E. Nancy Creek Dr., would be closed and its magnet offerings would be relocated at Avondale Middle School, 13 miles away.

The district’s proposal says that Kittredge would be “repurposed” to a neighborhood elementary school in the 2011 and 2012 school year.

The proposal was unveiled for the first time to the public Jan. 3. Hundreds from the public filtered in and out of a board meeting that was anchored by the redistricting proposal – which was presented by MGT of America, the consultant on the project.

The aim is for the district to become more efficient and fill 11,000 seats that are currently unoccupied throughout the district’s schools.

The district will next hold several public hearings, including one scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Jan. 13 at Chamblee High School. A final vote by the board on the redistricting plan is scheduled for Feb. 28.

Nancy Jester, who was sworn in as a new board member Jan. 3, said that the idea of centralizing the magnet schools to the middle of the county assumes an accessibility for students that doesn’t exist.

“The concept of central to me just doesn’t seem to fit,” Jester said.

The “centralized” proposal, one of two presented to the board, includes the closure of Kittredge Elementary School and the loss of the magnet programs from Chamblee high and middle schools.

Under a “decentralized” proposal, all three of the schools would remain intact as they are.

Under both proposals, attendance lines for a variety of elementary schools in northern DeKalb County would shift.

For instance, Dunwoody Elementary School would be changed to accommodate pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. In addition, attendance lines would be redrawn for Dunwoody Elementary School, Austin Elementary School, Chesnut Elementary School, Hightower Elementary School, Kingsley Elementary School and Vanderlyn Elementary School.

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Click this link for a map of redrawn elementary school attendance zones and elementary closures under the “decentralized” plan

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