Two of Dunwoody’s major redevelopment areas could become greener, literally, if residents get what they want.

Dunwoody residents gather for a planning meeting on city redevelopment areas

About 40 residents came to a public meeting Jan. 19 regarding two separate land use plans. One was for Georgetown, near North Shallowford and Chamblee-Dunwoody roads, the other for Dunwoody Village, located near Mt. Vernon Highway and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.

Residents called for a park in the Georgetown area and a park-like centerpiece in the vision for a mixed-used development near Dunwoody Village.

A park appealed to Donna Hardesty, who lives in the Georgetown area.

An abandoned development exists at Georgetown and it’s an eyesore, she said.

“I think something can really be done there.”

At Dunwoody Village public opinion seems to to lean towards a park, said Eric Bosman, a city consultant.

“The open space wants to be as big as we can get it, and it wants to be visible but not exposed,” he said.

– Maggie Lee