In early December, Dunwoody Club Drive was milled down to a rough surface to be repaved with a smooth, new surface. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the project was supposed to be completed before winter set in. It’s not. And the road won’t be repaved until it warms up above 45 degrees and stays there for awhile, say Dunwoody city officials.

Dunwoody officials recently said they weren’t sure when the roadwork would be completed. A press release predicted the weather should be warm enough by Jan. 27.

Neighbors in the area aren’t happy about the turn of events. A joint venture between Sandy Springs and Dunwoody will eventually repave a 2.6-mile stretch of Dunwoody Club Drive between Spalding Drive and Mount Vernon Road.

Wendy Carmon, who lives near Happy Hollow Road, said she doesn’t see much rhyme or reason in the planning of the unfinished road.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Why would I hire them to paint my house if they couldn’t finish it,” she said. “There’s no accountability.”

Despite the current problem, the roads in Dunwoody should become more driver-friendly in 2011. The reason, in general, is there will be more money for repaving projects.

The city has been conservative with road improvements as its reaped tax revenues in its first few years of existence. The plan this year is to ramp up the projects to the $1.8 million range, Smith said.

“At $1.8 and $2 million, people are going to see a noticeable difference in the major roads,” he said.

City officials know there are some problem areas to address with the city’s roadway system, which is comprised of 185 miles of roadway.

The city’s overall pavement condition is considered “fair.” That’s a little better than most areas that are urban, Smith said.

The city’s staff will finalize a list of roads for repair in 2011 in the next couple of month, Smith said. The paving projects compete with funds for bike paths and improved sidewalks, which are both high on the list of city improvements.

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Dunwoody plans to spend more on roads in 2011. The city spent about $730,000 in 2010 on road projects. That number is expected to increase significantly in 2011 to $1.8 million. Proposed projects for 2011 are listed below. With a contingency, all of the projects add up to $2.7 million.

They are:

  • Roberts Road from Chamblee-Dunwoody Road north to the city limits
  • Tilly Mill Road from Stonington Road to Peeler Road
  • Dunwoody Club Drive from the west city limit to Bend Creek Road; Dunwoody Club Drive from Bend Creek Road to Ball Mill Road; Dunwoody Club Drive from Ball Mill to Jett Ferry Road; Dunwoody Club Drive from Jett Ferry Road to Happy Hollow Road
  • Chamblee-Dunwoody Road from Cotillion Drive to Peeler Road; Chamblee-Dunwoody Road from Nerine Circle to Mount Vernon Road, Chamblee-Dunwoody Road from Mount Vernon Road to Roberts Drive
  • Mt. Vernon Road to Wellesley Lane and Saffron Drive; Mount Vernon Road to Nandina Lane and Chamblee-Duwnoody Road;
  • North Peachtree Road from Cotillion Drive to Brookhurst Drive
  • Manhasset Farm Court
  • Holliston Court to Holliston Road
  • Wynterhall Circle to Wynterhall Lane
  • Tennille Court to Hallford Drive
  • Dunwoody Square to Vermack Road
  • Ralston Court to Whitmere Way
  • Starsburg Court to Luray Drive
  • Mount Vernon Forest to Wickford Way
  • Foxboro Lane to Happy Hollow Road
  • Chateau Court to Chateau Drive
  • Chadwell Court to Chadwell Lane