DeKalb County’s aging sewer system was recently the target of a federal decree forcing it to improve.

It appears sewage spills will continue to happen as the county ramps up its multi-million dollar sewer building program in the third quarter of this year.

Two spills were reported this week in Dunwoody and Brookhaven on Jan. 27.

Dunwoody’s spill occurred at 4207 North Shallowford Road, according to the county’s report, which is issued by the county’s Department of Watershed Management.

There was no determination of the size of the spill near North Nancy Creek. The spill did enter a storm drain or a waterway according to the county’s sewage spill reporting form.

The spill near Nancy Creek originated from a 4-inch pipe. The report says it’s a “private issue” of the building where it occurred. The sewage came from the pipe and emptied into a nearby storm drain.

The address listed on the report corresponds to a local apartment complex.

In Brookhaven, a spill of 8,400 gallons of sewage entered a tributary of North Peachtree Creek. The spill occurred near Wilmont Dr. NE and Clairmont Road.

The cause of the spill was listed as a grease build up in the sewer pipes. The areas was pressure washed to clean up the problem.

– Jason Massad