The city of Atlanta spent $4.7 million on snow removal and costs related to the winter storm at the end of January that seemed to cripple much of Buckhead for days, according to a recent city report.

Among the costs encountered by the city were $3.4 million for hiring 10 outside contractors to provide snow removal equipment to help the city that is without its own fleet of heavy storm equipment. Two of those companies made $1 million each.

Meanwhile, DeKalb County spent about $752,000 on the January snowstorm, according to published reports. Most of that went to road crews for salt and overtime costs.

Atlanta Dist. 8 City Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean said she was not quite sure what the $4.7 million represented. She wondered if it included the money requested by the city from the Federal Emergency Management Authority, which had been requested by the city, but may not have yet been approved.