• Sara Pohar, junior
  • Dunwoody High School
Sara Pohar

Dunwoody High School student Sara Pohar is a spiritual leader in her community. She is a member of All Saints Catholic Church and a leader in its middle school youth program, Bridge.

“My mom really is the reason I wanted to do this. She’s very religious, and would always teach religion classes when I was younger. I love younger kids, so I thought it’d be a good idea to help them and teach them more about faith and the community they’re a part of,” Sara said.

She has been involved with her church’s youth groups as a member, in addition to being a leader. She is currently a member of its high school program.

Sara says her understanding of faith, responsibility, and community has been shaped by the Adam Lindenau, All Saint’s Youth director.

“One of the most influential people in my life would be my friend Adam Lindenau. He is just so passionate about teaching kids about our religion and helping kids find their right path to their lives and inspiring people,” Sara said.

Sara was recently honored as a youth leader by the Dunwoody Rotary Club.

Sara also raises money for cancer research and awareness through participating in Relay for Life and Tour de Pink races. The illness is a familiar one: “I have a big family and a few relatives have had this in the past so I just, it’s so important to raise money for awareness,” Sara said.

Beyond church, Sara is active in her school community.

She participates in student government, is a member of her “class cabinet,” which plans class activities, and is a member of National Honor Society. She consistently achieves at a high level, and says that though school is hard work, it has taught her lessons about time management and responsibility. Her favorite class is finance, which has sparked her interest in a career path along those lines.

Sara is a member of the varsity golf team, and said wants to continue playing.

“I love to play golf, it’s a great sport, and I love the people I get to encounter through playing,” she said.

What’s Next:

This junior is already setting her sights high. She plans on majoring in business, and is looking at the University of Georgia and Auburn University as college options.

“On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also really thought about being an elementary school teacher,” Sara said.

Sara recognizes that she will have to be more deliberate about her faith once she gets to college, but she plans on taking the challenge.

“I see myself, in the future, digging deeper into my religion and becoming even more involved in the church,” Sara said.

–Megan Ernst