Dunwoody Councilman Denis Shortal is calling Dunwoody’s pitch for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame a “white elephant,” in a recent letter to constituents.

Museums as a whole aren’t doing well, Shortal wrote, and he pushed against a proposal to raise the city’s hotel and motel bed tax to support the museum.

The Council has given first reading to an ordinance that would increase the city’s occupancy tax to 6 percent from 5 percent, which would raise about $375,000 per year.

Half would go to the museum and half would go to the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, which would promote the museum.

“I fear if the museum was in Dunwoody and it was losing money there would be a movement to use your tax dollars to keep it open. (This fear has somewhat been realized),” Shortal wrote.

Shortal says he wants to get the public’s pulse on the issue, and urged that residents send him an e-mail to let them know whether or not they support the tax.

The City Council is scheduled to discuss the tax Feb. 15. Dunwoody is one of four cities trying to land the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, now located in Macon.