To the editor:

I read your article about the bands from Cross Keys and Dunwoody high schools. It brought back good memories of a small upstate New York high school band that played an important part in my life and fostered my love of music.

I am glad Dunwoody has such supportive parents and booster club and felt sad that Cross Keys did not enjoy that same support. I can also understand the economics and budgetary problems that schools face. Parents do not have the funds to buy or rent instruments and some come from a culture that does not place a high value on musical education.

But music matters! It changes lives. It builds self esteem and teaches discipline that spills over into other subjects. I support [Cross Keys band director] Bernard Short’s efforts on behalf of these young people at Cross Keys.

To coin a phrase, “it takes a village.” I was in hopes that perhaps your newspaper might do a follow-up on the story and publish this “wish list” from Mr. Short.

It is most modest and perhaps your readers might have some of these items, especially used instruments, in good working order and would consider donating them to the Cross Keys Band program.

With music, you are never alone.

I thank you for your consideration of my proposal.

Suzanne Chonette, Newport Beach, Calif.


Benard Short’s ‘wish list’

Cross Keys High band director Bernard Short’s “wish list” for donations to the band includes computers; a CD player, recorder, tuner and set of speakers; music stand storage carts; Sousaphones, marching baritones, cellos and basses.