• Leah Gose, Senior
  • Chamblee Charter High School
Leah Gose

After collecting and sending hundreds of supplies to the receiving schools, the drive proved to be another success for Leah and NHS members.

“I’ve had a great year with the other members of the club,” Gose said. “Getting to volunteer and make projects that truly affect our community for the better is truly rewarding.”

Outside of school, Gose does community service with her lifelong church, Oakhurst Presbyterian in Decatur, where she is the Youth Elder on her church’s executive board. On Monday nights, she and other young church members work with a local boys and girls club to provide tutoring. A few times a week, Gose also volunteers in the church nursery.

“My church is a part of me that I get to experience every week,” Gose said. “Oakhurst is a part of my family, and going to such a church has taught me patience, tolerance, and respect for all other humans and their beliefs.”

As devoted to her academics as she is to serving her community and church, Gose makes sure to keep her passions balanced. Her two favorite classes, which are also the most challenging, are AP English Language and Composition and a level five German course. Although she was already an avid reader, Gose considers her AP English teacher Christopher Smith a significant inspiration behind her ardor for the subject.

“The class opened my eyes to a world that I could analyze and understand, yet still be passionate about and write a well-formed essay on,” Gose said.

German language, however, has not always been a point of interest for Gose. She began learning German in the fourth grade, but did not really get the hang of it until her junior year in high school, when she took a rigorous AP German class that later afforded her the opportunity to travel to Germany as part of an exchange program.

“The feeling of asking for directions in German and having a local store owner understand me was something I will always cherish,” Gose said.

What’s Next:

Gose has applied to nine schools and has been accepted to the Honors program at UGA and Fordham University. She is still waiting to hear from Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown and others.

Although she is not sure where she will attend college, Gose plans to double major in pre-medicine and public health. She is also considering a minor in German language.

“The world is at my fingertips in college, so I hope to do everything I possibly can while I’m there,” Gose said.

But for now, Gose is just looking for more ways she can help her peers and community.

–Abby Kron