NeNe encourages New Yorkers to visit their campersBy Collin Kelley

Last night’s Celebrity Apprentice began with tension running high after last week’s challenge. NeNe Leakes, who had helped push project manager Lisa Rinna under the bus during the last boardroom, took Star Jones to task for  being too controlling. Star said she felt like the rest of the team didn’t have her back and she wasn’t sticking her neck out anymore.

NeNe’s response in the cutaway: “Star wants to take over because that’s Star.” NeNe would be proven right later in the episode as Star seemingly tried to undermine new project manager, Niki Taylor. There was some interesting editing going on last night to create more tension among the women’s team, ASAP, and the hapless men’s team, Backbone.

The challenge for the episode was to create an outdoor camping display using expensive campers. Friction between the increasingly addled Gary Busey and the rest of the men led to him being named project manager – mainly because they thought he would fail and The Donald would fire him. Busey might be crazy, but he’s crazy like a fox.

Gary was unable to focus, remember questions asked of him and, eventually, just decided to sit in chair on the sidewalk and do nothing with an equally uninspired Jose Canseco. The rest of the team scrambled to complete the task, while Mark McGrath nearly blew a gasket over Gary’s ineptitude.

It seemed the girls were destined to win because Niki appeared to have everyone on task, but NeNe was the voice of doom and gross generalization: “I’m black. I’ve never slept outside. I’ve never camped before. This isn’t going to work.”

Crotchety Dionne Warwick proved once again to be useless, and it looks like she and NeNe are also headed for a showdown. “Dionne doesn’t do any work. When I’m 70, I probably won’t do much either,” NeNe said in a cutaway.

Meanwhile, Star was becoming increasingly critical of Niki’s organizational skills and started slowly pushing the former supermodel toward the curb. At some point, Star did a 180 because she later declared, “I want to be a person who solves problems instead of creates problems.” Huh-huh, right, Star.

While Hope (The Playboy playmate finally got some screen time!) and Niki tried to figure out if we’re currently in the 20th or  21st century, the men’s team seemed all but done for, but Gary assured them it was going to be “cake with ice cream.”

Thanks to more clever editing, the next morning when the teams unveiled their camping displays, the men had created an outdoor oasis complete with trees and greenery, while the ladies’ camp site looked well-furnished, but lacked signage and any type of pizazz. Dionne couldn’t be bothered; she was on the phone paying bills and called Niki a “hussy” after they tussled over who was giving tours of the campers.

In the boardroom, Star said she was thrilled with Niki (?!) and the amount of fake sweetness and light emanating from the girl’s side of the conference table was diametrically opposed to the men, who gave it their best shot to discredit Gary. However, Gary was triumphant because the men won the challenge.

After leaving the boardroom, Gary said there was a conspiracy going on within his team to get rid of him (duh!) and he had a tiff with Lil Jon as they returned to their suite.

Niki might not know what century we live in, but she was a total class act and took full responsibility for her team’s loss. The Donald praised her integrity, then fired her. Next week’s preview showed NeNe stepping up to Dionne and crying in the boardroom. See you next Monday.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.

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  1. I didn’t like it when Star + Dionne were mean and La Toya + Nene for “some reason” felt obliged to be in the same team and support them. They were all a pack of bullies. Nene now seems to be able to have a voice.

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