By Stephanie Ramage

Everything from speed bumps to duck ponds was on the table at this month’s Comprehensive Development Plan meeting for Atlanta’s north side.

The meeting was one of several throughout the city, and part of the second round of gatherings to connect citizens’ vision of what their neighborhoods should look like to the city’s development plans.

On March 15, Atlantans from Collier Hills, West Paces, the Buckhead Triangle and the Brookwood corridor met with Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean at the Atlanta Ballet to map out how they hope their neighborhoods might develop in the future.

Collier Hills needs “smart lights,” Adrean concurred with her constituents, and better ways all around to manage the area’s snarled traffic. Some streets marked “Do Not Enter” could help keep cut-through traffic out, and cooperation with Piedmont Hospital, a source of much of the area’s traffic, is crucial.

West Paces Road residents are most concerned about the traffic that clogs their main artery every weekday during rush hour as commuters, some of them speeding, head from Buckhead to I-75. They do not, however, want speed bumps or other traffic calming devices.

To their northeast, inhabitants of the area around the Buckhead Triangle bemoan their “under-parked” condition. They say they need more green space — they have less than any other area of the city. They’d like a park with, perhaps, a duck pond.

And the Brookwood corridor, the area from I-85 north on Peachtree Street to the creek by Peachtree Battle, would like to model its streetscape after Vancouver’s, with bike lanes and more vibrant offerings for shopping, dining and relaxing.

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