Guess what, Rick, we don’t want to be in or part of Dunwoody either, thanks!

I live in Murphey Candler and am totally against this land grab by Mike Jacobs and his buddies in Dunwoody. This is all about Dunwoody increasing its power by stealing our parks and the PCID tax base. I spoke to three neighbors this morning and all were against as well.

Mike Jacobs does not represent the people of Murphey Candler and is in fact just a puppet of vested interests trying to expand Dunwoody’s power south of I-285.

There is also zero problem with DeKalb’s services in Murphey Candler. Mike Jacobs and friends are just trying to cause problems to justify their aspirations. Is he really saying trash collection twice a week for free is not good enough? If he really cared about the area then how about stopping the crazy speeding on Ashford-Dunwoody both in Dunwoody and unincorporated DeKalb, for example.

It’s real simple: if you want to live in Dunwoody and think it’s a better place, then move there. If not, stay in Murphey Candler. This includes Mike Jacobs!