• David Heyer, junior
  • The Lovett School
David Heyer

A varsity tennis player and high-achieving student, David Heyer describes his life as “pretty fast-paced.”

“As much tennis as I play and as much school work as I get,” David said, “I’m always busy until late at night.”

David began playing tennis just four years ago, but after training with Mohamed “Reda” Nait Omar, former top-ranked junior player in his native country of Morocco, he made Lovett’s highly competitive varsity tennis team. Omar’s coaching, David said, instilled in him an enduring passion for tennis.

“We always try to change things up to keep practice innovative and fun,” David said, “so it doesn’t get monotonous and tiring.”

In addition to playing varsity tennis at Lovett, David trains four times a week with the Jaguars tennis teams at Georgia Perimeter College, where Omar is the head coach.

Aside from playing tennis, David is passionate about serving his community. He’s a member of the Atlanta Union Mission Junior Board, an organization aimed to reduce homelessness in the metro area, and founded a tennis camp for underprivileged children at the Agape Community Center in Midtown Atlanta.

After five months spent discussing the logistics of the camp with Agape, running a successful “racquet drive” at Lovett and recruiting varsity tennis players to coach the kids, David was excited to see the program finally under way.

“Organizing the tennis camp was a tiring process,” David said, “but it was well worth it. I saw how the camp changed the kids’ lives. It really showed when they were sad to leave.”

David says he prefers academic courses that keep him both interested and challenged. He names literature and social studies his two favorite subjects because “they are more discussion-oriented and allow for multiple perspectives.”

“I like to be able to look at things several different ways,” David said, “rather than just having to stick to a formula, like in math.”

What’s Next:

David already is going through the process of recruiting and speaking with tennis coaches from different schools. He is not yet permitted to share which schools he is considering for tennis, but academically, his top two choices are University of Richmond in Virginia and Trinity College in Connecticut.

“I like the idea of building a company and all those little steps that go into it,” David said, “and consulting allows you to solve problems in innovative ways.”

In the meantime, he will continue to improve his tennis skills and work on ways to better help the youngsters at Agape improve theirs.