McDonald’s is implementing a redesign of its restaurants, and the Brookhaven restaurant now sports the new look.

The McDonald’s in Brookhaven has a new look.

The fast-food restaurant on Peachtree Road now sports leather cushion stools, bistro-style tables and a flat-screen plasma television. Softer colors have been added. There’s less hard plastic and more rock and wood.

A flat roof has replaced the mansard red roof that had been a signature for McDonald’s everywhere.

McDonald’s all across the country will gradually be adopting this contemporary look, said Kimberlee Burrows, regional marketing manager for the chain. She said McDonald’s wants to stay modern and become an inviting place customers will linger.

That’s why the remodeled restaurants will have wi-fi and more plugs for laptops, she said.

Burrows said other McDonald’s in the Atlanta area have been renovated. McDonald’s has about 32,000 restaurants in 117 countries. This is the first redesign in about three decades.