To the editor:

For the Dunwoody High School tennis program, it took more than a village to get the season underway, it took the entire community.

With the construction in full swing at the high school, the tennis courts were expected to be better than ever and ready for try-outs in January and the 2011 season.

From the outside, the courts looked perfect and we were thrilled. But then we quickly noticed that the courts were not completely ready for us! Due to the snow and wet winter storm, the courts began to disintegrate under our feet.

Tennis court construction Round 2 began as soon as the weather permitted but this left our teams “courtless.” So, with the help of our tireless booster club president, Claire Botsch, we contacted our neighboring tennis and swim communities to see if we could use their courts after school for practice.

We were overwhelmed with the support and response. After it was all said and done, we “shared the wealth” and bounced around to four different neighborhoods. We would like to thank Village Mill, Dunwoody North, Kingsley and Wynterhall for their kindness and support during our pre-season glitch.

We could not have managed to be ready without all of you.

Additionally, we want to thank the Dunwoody Country Club for hosting our early season home matches when our courts were still not ready for play. Also, Vermack Swim and Tennis offered their courts but, thankfully, by their scheduled time, our courts were complete and ready for play.

Complete and beautiful is an understatement about how our new tennis “stadium” turned out. We have enjoyed our home courts each and every day since, and our visiting teams are equally impressed.

It’s hard to believe, but the regular season is over and now we have the playoffs to look forward to but we look back and remember how grateful we are to live, teach and coach in such a special community.

Thank you again,

Coach Caryn Gartner and Coach Roger Gay, the Dunwoody High School varsity tennis teams, and the entire Booster Club family