To the editor:

I agree with Sandy Springs Charter Commission Chairman Rusty Paul that the incorporation of Sandy Springs has been a great success. However, his claim that prior to cityhood “cardiac arrest victims had a 1 percent chance of survival” is ridiculous.

Back in Rusty Paul’s bad old days, a local manager of an assisted care facility related to me that on those frequent occasions when he had to call 911, he could hear the sirens of the emergency vehicles even before he hung up the phone with the 911 operator. Emergency services were and remain excellent.

The success of incorporation has been the privatization of city management. Every month our current contractor, CH2M Hill provides the city with a report card that details the amount and level of services provided. These performance reports are available online at:

These reports indicate an outstanding level of service. Granted, this type of reporting is akin to a student writing his or her own report card. As such, independent assessments might be something the commission should recommend to improve our city government.

Before we declare that privatization of city services to be a cure-all for government, we should consider the possibility that our largely affluent town may have enjoyed similar success under other management scenarios.

Don McAdam