To the editor:

Often my wife wears cute T-shirts which exclaim “Life is good!” and just as frequently my in-laws remark, that considering who she is married to, they find that particular adage a bit ironic.

And it is with a similar incredulousness which my in-laws find in the fact that my wife is with a schmo like me, that I experience when I observe Dunwoody citizens complain in print, blogs or vocally that they didn’t vote for a city of Dunwoody just to have their taxes raised. Please!

I would safely venture to say that the citizens of Dunwoody are on average better educated than the general populace of the rest of the state; therefore, let’s not suppose for a moment that those who voted for incorporation were as a blind shepherd beguiled into leading his flock into a wolf’s lair.

Instead I strongly trust that most were like men with keen eyes in their heads following a beautiful woman. So, now that all is consummated, when that lovely lady turns to us and smiles with a mouth full of rotted teeth – what kind of ethics of love and allegiance would we be employing if we refuse to foot the bill for the bridge work and root canals our new trophy wife requires?

The notes have now come due for our flirtatious play at being a city.

I think we all best man-up and pay.

Gary Ray Betz