Dunwoody Mayor Ken Wright
Dunwoody Mayor Ken Wright

Dunwoody Mayor Ken Wright said he will not be seeking a second term.

Wright, who became the city’s first mayor in 2008, said he has always envisioned his tenure being brief.

“All along, when I decided I was going to run for mayor, it wasn’t a long term thing. It was, ‘I’ll get it started and get it going in the right direction,’” Wright said.

He said people have been asking him about his plans for the last several months.

“I think there are a lot of people interested in me making a decision and letting them know so they can figure out what they’re going to do. There’s a decent amount of interest out there,” Wright said. “I’ll pass the baton to whomever the citizens decide would be the best replacement.”

Wright said he plans to spend more time focusing on his job and his family.

“My kids are at a good age and they’ve got so much going on,” Wright said of his two children, ages nine and 11.

Wright has been involved in the community and was an advocate for Dunwoody well before it became a city.

He served as the president of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association for three years and later became Chairman and President of Citizens for Dunwoody, a non-profit that researched Dunwoody’s incorporation.

Wright grew up in Dunwoody in the Branches neighborhood and attended North Springs High School. He went to college at the University of Georgia, where he studied political science. He is the founder and CEO of eHealthcareIT.

“Dunwoody is home. It’s been a blessing to me in my life and I realized 10 years ago it was time for me to step up and contribute back,” Wright said. “I never would have imagined when I started on the volunteer side that it would end here. It’s been an amazing ride.”