To the editor:

I am writing to acknowledge and thank the employees of our Public Works department. I am sad to write this note, as it signals the end of an era for our city.

I truly hope that the message delivered in the memo from the city manager [regarding bidders on the city service contract] was an oversight. By simply rating CH2M HILL’s capabilities as “satisfactory,” while rating URS, a company that has absolutely no experience providing the services that are required for our city, as “substantial,” a very clear message was sent.

The city manager and his bid committee lack confidence in CH2M HILL’s ability to continue delivering stellar public works services. The louder message, however, was that the employees of the city have not delivered for us over the last five years.

Like them or not, CH2M HILL has gathered an extraordinary team of public works professionals to support our city. This group is a veritable dream team who don’t just see their work as a “job,” but as a commitment and promise to the residents of this city. The sweat equity that they have put in to start our city from scratch and accomplish what they have in 5 short years is truly remarkable.

Arguably, this department has raised more grant money per capita for our city than any other Georgia municipality. Most recently, their dedication during our winter storms provided the citizens of our city with the clearest and safest roads in all of metro Atlanta. While I’m certain that their hard work and devotion over the last five years deserves our gratitude and loyalty, at the very least you must agree that it calls for recognition and thanks.

Ideally, I would ask that you not see the vote for approval to grant the Public Works contract to URS as just another agenda item to be rubber stamped without discussion. If I had my way, I would have the opportunity to argue on behalf of these fine folks, as I know we will not see another team as dedicated to our city in the years to come.

I would also ask that you remember the work that many of us put in to this cause six years ago, with the dream of creating a city whose residents truly received the service that they paid for with their hard-earned tax dollars; something that none of us truly believed could happen after our treatment by Fulton County for so many years.

I realize, though, that the decisions have likely been made and that each year Sandy Springs will inevitably morph into another bureaucracy, run by employees who are more concerned about a paycheck than the service they deliver.

At the very least, on behalf of all of us (that is every single resident of this city) that have benefited from the service of these fine folks, please just give them a moment of your time to let them know that their work was not in vain.

Sarah Moore