To the editor,

We attended the meeting about incorporating a new city of Brookhaven.

In our 42 years in the Silver Lake area, never have we experienced poor performance from police, firefighters or other services. Nor have we heard any current groundswell in favor of incorporation.

We heard the politicians Rep. Mike Jacobs invited to speak waving red flags about criminal danger and negligence, including hearing the proud claim of one Dunwoody official that he held a purported criminal at gunpoint while waiting for the police to appear. That fit the tone of the fear-mongering that prevailed at the meeting.

We found it peculiar (to say the least) that no representative from DeKalb County was invited to offer any counterargument or explanation of current practices.

One of the other things we heard at the meeting was that the incorporation of Chamblee resulted in a tax rate increase of 8 mills.

This was countered by the testimony from the gunslinger Dunwoody official who said that they had no plans to raise their millage rate, which has been capped at 1 mill. We have heard from neighbors that the proposed city of Brookhaven would impose a 4-mill increase in taxes. Is this a recent development? If that idea is in fact true, how is it justified?

Should we have more faith in a new level of local politicians than we have in our current county administrators? We have reason to doubt.

It was not so long ago that Rep. Jacobs ran for office as a Democrat. When he conducted a house-to-house campaign, we discussed his views at length. The outcome was that he won election as a Democrat and then became a Republican shortly thereafter.

He is a hard man to take at face value.

Marlene and Michael Zeiler