To the editor:

State Rep. Mike Jacobs comments [in the Brookhaven Reporter edition dated May 6-19, 2011] about the Ashford Alliance Community Association’s survey is a distortion at best, and a lie at worst.


1. The preliminary results before the extended deadline were made available to the Brookhaven Reporter and to him, as well as to others. The final results did not dramatically differ from them.

2. The survey was intended to focus on the process of the rushed legislative actions taken as well as to get a overall sense with respect to annexation/incorporation. It was not crafted to push a particular outcome in contrast to the [surveys by] “robo-calls,” at least one of which was probably initiated by Mike.

3. The survey was extended at the request of a number of neighborhood representatives who claimed that their neighborhoods had not been made aware of the survey in the first place due to email failures.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it’s hard not to growl when the leash is jerked.

Rabbi Scott Saulson, President, Ashford

Alliance Community Association