The city of Sandy Springs and the Sandy Springs Police Department offer some free ways to stay in touch with community events, traffic woes, extreme weather events and other important events.

The first one is “Smart911.” The Chattahoochee River 9-1-1 Authority (ChatComm), serving the cities of Sandy Springs and Johns Creek, is the first in Georgia to purchase and use Smart911. Smart911 allows residents to enter information online that is delivered automatically to a 9-1-1 operator when a 9-1-1 call is placed. This same information can be accessed by emergency responders as well.

“By entering critical information online before an emergency, you can help ensure that first responders are better prepared to serve you when you call 9-1-1,” said Mayor Eva Galambos. “Help the City of Sandy Springs help you. Register today.”

Registration information can be obtained on the left side of the city’s website at

The next one is “Swift911.” The Mayor and City Council of Sandy Springs want to ensure every resident is protected during times of an emergency. To that end, The City of Sandy Springs has signed a contract with SwiftReach Networks, Inc. of Mahwah, N.J., to implement Swift911, an Emergency Notification Service, which is a reverse 911 type system. It is capable of contacting and notifying all Sandy Springs residents and community members in the event of an emergency. The City will use the system solely to notify residents of emergency incidents throughout the city, where citizen action is requested to preserve life and/or property. Registration information can be obtained on the left side of the city’s website at

“Code Red” is the next communication tool the city offers. The City is registering residents into its Code Red emergency notification alert system. Code Red is a reverse 911 system that will automatically call residents and businesses with a recorded warning from the National Weather Service if a severe weather warning is issued for your area. Anyone who wishes to receive a phone call on their land line or mobile phone may enter or update their information at the following link. Registration information can be obtained on the left side of the city’s website at

Finally, the SSPD offers “Nixle.” Receive trusted public safety alerts directly from the Sandy Springs Police Department by text message, email, or the web at no cost to you. It is reliable and simple.

We have four types of alerts:

  1. ALERT is time sensitive and needs to be sent ASAP.
  2. ADVISORY offers information that needs to be distributed but not as time sensitive as an ALERT.
  3. COMMUNITY offers information we would like to share with the Sandy Springs community as FYI type of information regarding the Police Department.
  4. TRAFFIC provides information we want to update the Sandy Springs community on regarding traffic issues in the area on a regular basis or in cases of emergency or road closures.

Nixle information and registration is available on the SSPD’s website:

Police Officer Larry Jacobs is a crime prevention specialist in the Crime Prevention Unit of the Sandy Springs Police Department.