• Alec Nash, junior
  • Atlanta International School
Alec Nash

Alec Nash has acted in several of Atlanta International School’s plays and musicals. During a school production of Urinetown last semester, he was inspired to renew his experiments in another aspect of theater: playwriting.

He’d tried writing for the stage earlier. “Over the past three years I went to a playwriting camp,” he said. “Each year, my assignment was to write a 5- to 10-minute play.”

This time he set out with something different in mind and ended up producing a piece titled Foul Luck and Black Wings that he describes as “a conglomeration of those three years.”

“I sort of made [the three earlier plays] into one long play,” he said.

In March, Alec directed the first production of his comedy. The production was staged and acted by alumni of the High Meadows School in Roswell, which Alec had attended when he was younger.

He decided to cast his fellow High Meadows alums when AIS did its own alumni production in November. Alec said he thought back to his fellow students at High Meadows and “I really thought the alumni community at High Meadows was strong,” he said. “I thought, ‘Why not do it at High Meadows too?’ ”

So he sent a mass email to the names listed in High Meadows’ alumni directory. By the time his show took to the stage, nine actors and four backstage workers were involved in the production. They had attended High Meadows over a 23-year period.

All proceeds from Foul Luck and Black Wings went to Project Mail Call, a charity that sends packages to troops overseas. Project Mail Call is based in Alec’s Marietta neighborhood and he volunteers with the group twice a month, so to him donating the proceeds was a no-brainer.

In the end, he donated $600 to the cause.

“I really like Project Mail Call because it’s not just a pro-military organization. It’s more like a pro-human organization,” Alec said. “I like how, though they give the essentials, they also give mail to personalize the packages.”

Playwriting introduced Alec to a newfound interest: directing.

“I’ve become much more interested in directing,” Alec said. “I found out it’s not all bossing people around. There’s an art to it, too.”

What’s Next:

Alec says his school’s International Baccalaureate program keeps him pretty busy, but he is considering writing a new play and touring it.

“Military-themed, perhaps,” Alec said. “But that’s just one idea.”