Bob Dallas
Bob Dallas

Bob Dallas told the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Sunday night that he hopes to become Dunwoody’s next mayor.

Dallas, who served as director of highway safety under former governor Sonny Perdue, said he plans to focus his campaign on issues including taxes, public safety, transportation and parks.

“I hope to work with all of you between now and August, which is qualifying, and November when the election occurs, and I can assure you I will listen to everybody and frankly continue to work with everybody on the things that we consider to be important,” Dallas said.

James Sibold

James Sibold, a former DeKalb County Republican Party chairman, also addressed the homeowners association about his intentions to run for mayor.

Sibold said he would like to use his business background to attract more jobs to Dunwoody.

“I am going to spend the next three months on a listening tour, learning more about you all of you and what issues are important to you,” Sibold said.