Not wanting to create a “boss judge” in Sandy Springs Municipal Court, members of the Charter Review Commission have decided to ask the legislature to amend the city charter to allow one of the sitting city judges to function as chief judge without the title.

State court rules adopted since the original city charter was written describe work to be done by a city’s “chief judge.” Members of the charter review commission said they thought no Sandy Springs judge should boss it over the others, so they suggested one judge be designated to do the job of the chief judge when necessary.

The commission is reviewing the city charter line by line to see whether any changes need to be made now that the city is five years old. The commission will report its recommendations to state legislators and city officials.

Chairman Rusty Paul said he thought the commission could wrap up its work in two to three more meetings. The commission started work in April and its report is due within six months of its first official meeting, he said.