The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


200 block of Hammond Drive 30328 On June 5, employees of the Burger King reported that around 7:30 a.m. a man jumped over the counter, pulled a gun, and forced an employee to open and pull money from the front registers.  He then forced them into a back room where they gave him money from the money drawer. He then fled on foot.


5900 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On June 4, someone broke the front glass to a business and took $20 from the cash register. Another store nearby was also hit.

2000 block of Cimarron Pkwy 30350 – On June 6, the victim found that someone came in his apartment, possibly through an unlocked back door, and stole a video game system, jewelry and some other items.

7800 block of Roswell Road 30350 – Someone forced entry into the leasing office of the Morgan’s Landing apartment complex on June 7. A flat-screen TV is missing.

200 block of Spalding Trail 30350 – The apartment is shared by three men. One of the men was in the shower and heard a noise in the apartment. He assumed it was one of the other men. When he got out, he noticed that his video game system and guitar were missing. One of the other roommates was asleep and the third was not home. It’s possible the door was unlocked.

TIP: Even when you’re home, lock the doors and when you are in for the night, even before bedtime, set the alarm, or do like me and put the dog’s bed just inside the front door area at night.

300 block of Preston Woods Trail 30328 – On June 7, the victim said she was gone during the day and when she returned, she found that her front door to her apartment had been forced open. Her 32-inch TV, laptop and digital camera are missing.

7500 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On June 7, the victim said someone entered her condo by forcing the front door. She said that nothing appeared missing at the time of the report.

Fenwick Place 30350 – On June 7, the victim said someone entered his apartment overnight while he was asleep. Someone lifted the screen on a back patio window, opened it, and then apparently saw the victim who was sleeping in the living room. The person left without taking anything.


A man reported that two guys took his 2005 gold Cadillac as collateral after he spent the night with them at the New Savannah Hotel on Memorial Drive, smoking crack until the wee hours. They said he owed them crack money. He said he was paid in full.

5400 block of Meridian Mark Drive 30342 – On June 4, a man said that employees of an assisted living center stole $900 and a box of blank checks from his room while he was away at a doctor’s appointment.

6600 block of Riverside Drive — A woman reported that on June 4, while she was attending a wedding, someone got into her purse and took her wallet containing credit cards, a checkbook and her sunglasses.

5700 block of Meridian Mark Road 30342 – On June 5, the complainant said that sometime over the weekend, someone entered a business and stole a safe that was in an office and under a desk. No forced entry to the building was found.

4600 block of Roswell Road — A man was at his apartment and told another man that he was selling his scooter. The other man said he was interested and asked if he could try it out for 10 minutes. The victim agreed and so he gave the man the scooter. The man and the scooter are still gone.

5000 block of Roswell Road 30342 – Someone broke into the AT&T cell tower area and stole a copper surge protector on June 6.

Riverhill Drive — A resident said that someone removed some items from their basement. The family has had renovations being done to the home. Missing is an Apple iPhone, two digital cameras and a Dell laptop.

Charleston Court — A resident called in what appeared to be an abandoned car on Charleston Court/Kingsport Drive near Northwood Drive. The Dodge truck had been stolen in Cobb County on May 23 and left after an apparent accident. The front end had significant damage.


A woman reported on June 6 that her bank called her and said her debit MasterCard had been used in Glendale, Ky., to purchase $136 worth of goods, in Kuttawa, Ky., for $167, and in Leitchfield, Ky., for $109.

TIP: Don’t forget to read those credit cards and bank statements closely. Call on anything that doesn’t look right so you can restore your funds.

A resident reported that upon checking her bank statement, she found that someone accessed her card information and purchased items on her account. Over $800 was charged to the card during June2-3.

A resident on Spring Creek Lane reported that she checked her Aetna insurance policy and found that someone in Seattle filed seven unauthorized claims on the policy.

A man reported that he lost his wallet on Metropolitan Pkwy.  In the wallet were his credit cards. Later, he was informed that the cards were used to purchase about $135 of goods in Alpharetta.

A woman reported that someone accessed her Atlanta Postal Credit Union account and made three transactions. One transaction was for $301 at the QT in Riverdale, another for $503 at BestBank in Stockbridge, and $301 at another QT in Decatur. She did not lose her card.

A man reported that someone forged two checks on his business account. One check was made to a person on Jones Court in Atlanta. Another was written to another person on Jamaica Road, also in Atlanta.

A man reported that his now ex-friend forged his signature to apply for housing in Atlanta in 2009.

Theft from Vehicles

Articles were stolen from vehicles on the following dates:

Highland Valley Court 30342, June 4.

6300 block of Powers Ferry Road 30342, June 4.

700 block of Abingdon Way 30328, June 6.

6300 block of Roswell Road 30328, June 6.

1100 block of Hammond Drive 30328, June 7.

6300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, June 7.

6300 block of Roswell Road 30328, June 7.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342, June 8.


A woman reported that while crossing the street outside the Walgreen’s in the 7500 block of Roswell Road, she and her family were almost hit by a car as they crossed the parking lot. She questioned the driver and he pushed her. Her husband got involved and according to the victim, the man backed his car out, almost hitting the husband. Her husband said he was struck by the car but was not injured.

TIP: Be careful when you approach anyone under negative circumstances. Many a good fight starts with this scenario. Road rage is alive and well.

Strange Brew

Cops were called to a medical center after a patient’s relative went off on a nurse, stating that she would “f— her up” and use her gun on her.

5900 block of Cimarron Parkway — A man said that on June 5, he was in an apartment at around 11:30 p.m., when he got into an argument with another man over inappropriate comments made in front of a female guest. During the argument, one of the men pulled the victim’s shirt over his head and began hitting him. The victim fought back, hitting the first guy in the head. The first guy then grabbed a knife and said he would “slit your throat.” The victim then jumped off the second floor balcony to get away. No charges were filed at the time.

On June 5, a man said that while at his home, another man punched him and then broke his car’s windshield following an argument. The man then left. He doesn’t know where the suspect lives but told the officer the suspect is his wife’s cousin.

5300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road — A woman said that on June 6 she was walking with her friends outside her apartment when she looked up and saw a man urinating off his apartment patio. She told him that she was going to report him. He did not respond and walked back into his apartment. She called the cops.


Northwood Drive — Officers responded to a suspicious person call around 2 a.m. They spoke with the person in question as to why he was there. They also checked his ID. He was wanted in Cobb County on a probation warrant. He was arrested and sent to Cobb County.

6100 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On June 4, a patrol officer recognized a woman that is a frequent flyer with the police and knew that a warrant was outstanding on the woman. A warrant did exist in East Point, Ga. She was arrested. The officer had been called to a hotel in that area earlier in the day in regard to prostitutes renting a room.

200 block of Northwood Drive 30342 – On June 5, around 2:30 a.m., a patrol officer found a man hiding behind a building near an apartment. He checked the man, who had a small amount of cocaine residue on him. Another man was found trying to get through a fence and away from the cops. That man later admitted he was there to buy crack from the first guy. Both were arrested. The second guy had forgery warrants from Houston County, so he was later transferred there.

6600 block of Roswell Road — An officer stopped a car around 5:30 p.m. The person in the car appeared impaired. The person also had two warrants on her. One from DeKalb County for larceny and the other in Gwinnett for contempt of court. She was charged with DUI.

1200 block of Summit Springs Drive 30350 – On June 7, a man was arrested by the fugitive unit following surveillance at the Legacy Key Apartments. He was wanted in DeKalb County for armed robbery.