Hastings Nature & Garden Center will be packing up its Brookhaven store for a new location by the end of the year, a company official said June 17.

Kate Gunderson, vice president of retail operations and sales, said the popular gardening store is keeping its plans a surprise, but said the store will have a new retail concept when it reopens.

“We’re extremely excited about it,” Gunderson said. “The new location is still going to be nearby, up here on the north side of town.”

Hastings has been at its current location at 3920 Peachtree Rd., NE for 15 years, Gunderson said.

She said though the store will undergo some changes, but will retain its character. For instance, she said, a toy electric train that runs through garden displays outside the store will survive the move.

“We’re still going to be Hastings and have the train garden and fish and concentrate on selling plants,” Gunderson said.

“And of course popcorn, we’ll still have the popcorn,” she said of the store’s trademark popcorn machine.

Hastings will be open throughout the summer and fall, Gunderson said.