To the editor:

Fine, our local government has already spent considerable taxpayer money to purchase the closed Target location. Let’s stop there. Just how large and impressive does our City Hall need to be? (There are plenty of empty sites within the city that could be rented if we need more space than the Target location provides.)

What are they thinking? At a time when everyone needs to do belt tightening, at a time when local retailers are already struggling to keep alive, why oh why would we even think about kicking them out to make way for a monument to the elected officials?

Iit would be nice to have a convenient, all-the-services-you-want location, but really, is this the time or the way to get to that “big” goal?

Wake up, officials, and be practical. Shame on you for at least not asking us if your run-amuck City Hall plans are really what the citizens of Sandy Springs want.

Sandy Furbish