The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


3400 block of Kingsboro Road – An aggravated assault at an apartment complex was reported on June 28.  Dispatch reported a man in the residence armed with a knife threatening to kill everyone.  At the apartment were the arrestee and four victims.  According to a statement, the arrestee and victim #1 were involved in a verbal dispute. Victim #1 admitted to putting her finger in the arrestee’s face but did not touch him.  He then grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. She defended herself but was not sure if she hit him or not. Her son, victim #2, was awakened by the commotion and saw the arrestee pushing victim #1.  The arrestee picked up a CPU unit and threw it toward victim #2. The arrestee then grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened to kill the four victims.  The arrestee next discharged a fire extinguisher.  He was arrested for simple assault, simple battery and reckless conduct.

700 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard, NW – An aggravated assault at an apartment complex was reported on June 29. The victim said that the suspect got mad at a text message on her phone and an argument started. The suspect broke the victim’s laptop and TV. The suspect then grabbed and threw the victim across the room. The suspect took the victim’s cellphone. Once outside the victim asked for her cell phone back and the suspect refused to give it back to her. The suspect took off in a vehicle, knocking the victim down. When the victim got up, the suspect put the vehicle in reverse and tried to back over her, but the victim jumped out of the way.

1800 block of Francis Avenue, NW – An aggravated assault was reported at a residence on July 1. The suspect came to the victim’s house and demanded a DNA test. The victim told him to leave and the suspect, armed with a gun, punched her in the stomach, and then fled the location on foot.


70 block of East Andrews Drive, NW – A residential burglary was reported on June 27. The rear door frame was damaged at the listed location. Several jewelry items were stolen, including freshwater pearls, gold rings, semi-precious stones and earrings.   A Nintendo Wii, laptop and television were left in the living room area. The victim said that she sells items on E-bay.

2000 block of Hollywood Road, NW – A residential burglary was reported on June 27. The victim said when he woke up to check his cell phone that he had placed in his shorts he could not locate his shorts. The screen door to his trailer was ajar. The keys to his truck and door to his trailer were also in his shorts’ pocket. The victim also said that his debit card was used at two different places around 11:30 p.m.

40 block of Peachtree Valley Road, NE – A residential burglary was reported on June 27. The victim said she noticed her suitcases and purse and some other items were missing on June 10, but didn’t pay any attention because she was going out of town. When she returned she noticed about $9,000 worth of things missing and no one has a key except her and the apartment complex.

1900 block of Walthall Drive, NW – A residential burglary was reported on June 28. The victim noticed that a suspect had attempted to break into her house while she was away but was unsuccessful. The suspect broke a window and attempted to pry open the door with a barbeque spatula but never made entry.

1700 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A commercial burglary was reported on June 28.            The arrestee was seen by a witness enter and leave the shop through a broken front window with a black bulky object in his hands.  Surveillance video footage showed the arrestee throw a rock at the business, breaking the front glass, enter and leave the business with a cash register.  The cash register was recovered behind a nearby restaurant. There appeared to be muddy footprints at the rear of the restaurant, perhaps identical to the footwear of the arrestee, who was charged with burglary and criminal damage to property.

2900 block of Layton Avenue, NW – A residential burglary was reported on June 30. The victim left home, and upon return, her rear patio door was open and not locked. Several items were taken: pearls, two flat screen televisions and a laptop computer. A UPS package was left on the victim’s front door. The package had been opened.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A residential burglary was reported on July 1.  The victim left for work in the morning.  The glass door had keys left in the deadbolt, which could be seen from the outside. The glass was busted out, and items taken from residence. Keys for the vehicle were also taken. The vehicle had not been removed, nor were items taken from the vehicle.


1800 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A commercial robbery at a gas station was reported on June 30.  Victim 1 said two men entered the location carrying black handguns. After a customer left the business, suspect 2 stood at the main entrance, and suspect 1 approached and demanded everything from the victim. The victim complied giving up his driver’s license, iPhone, house and vehicle keys. Suspect 1 then came behind the counter, hitting victim 1 on the right side of the head, taking $400.  Suspect 1 then went to the office and took victim 2’s license, scooter key, cellphone, wallet containing a green card, social security card and credit cards.


3300 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A larceny from a store was reported on June 27. The sales associate was approached by a man, who asked to see a specific ring.  He then asked the associate if he could get the ring fitted for him. The male then immediately took off running with the ring in his possession. The ring was valued at $1,800. The store has video surveillance but it was not operating at the time.

500 block of Main Street, NE – A larceny was reported on June 27.  An unknown female stole the victim’s $5,000 watch off his wrist. The victim said that while he was sitting, one of the females placed his hand between her legs. While his hand was there, she removed his watch. Both females said they did not take the victim’s watch. A MARTA officer looked through the female’s handbag (with permission), but no watch was recovered.

3400 block of Alexander Road, NE – A larceny at an apartment complex was reported on June 28. The victim said she had a maid service clean her apartment and noticed a gold cross, a pendant, an emerald ring and a gold rope chain missing from her dresser.  She said the suspected maid was not the usual person who cleans her apartment.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A larceny from a department store was reported on June 28.  The suspect was witnessed entering a fitting room with three pairs of True Religion jeans and exiting the fitting room with two pairs visibly on his person. When the suspect passed all points of sale, the third pair was discovered underneath his warm up pants.  The security sensors had been cut off and the jeans were damaged.  The suspect had a small pair of scissors on him, which he used to cut the sensors off.

3000 block of West Roxboro Road, NE – A larceny from a residence was reported on June 28. The victim said her son had a party at her home and he told her that three or four men who were not invited were let into the party. The next day, her son said he noticed his driver’s license, 2 Apple MacBooks, and 2 iPod Touches were missing.

Larceny from Vehicle

700 block of Morosgo Drive, NE – A larceny from an auto in a parking lot was reported on June 27.  The victim said that her silver 2006 BMW had been broken into at a post office. She said she went inside of the post office for about seven minutes and when she returned she found the side window broken. Her purse and $60 were stolen.

400 block of Northside Circle, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on June 30. The victim staid he parked his vehicle and when he returned he noticed his radio was missing along with his credit card and tool box. He said he forgot to lock the door.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A larceny from an auto was reported on June 30. The victim said upon returning to     his parked and locked truck that the right front passenger window was broken.  Five dollars in coins and a bottle of Polo cologne ($50) was stolen from the middle console of the vehicle.

Auto Theft

200 block of Pharr Road, NE – An auto theft was reported at an apartment on June 27.  The victim said her black 2008 Lexus LS-460 was stolen from her apartment complex. A few days later the victim called back to state that she had found her vehicle. She had mistakenly parked it two levels down.

2100 block of Piedmont Road, NE – An auto theft from a parking lot was reported on June 29. An officer was met by the manager who said that one of the U-haul trucks had been stolen from the location. The manager said there was video of the incident. The video shows a man with a wire type device going into the key drop box and removing keys to the vehicle.

4600 block of Wieuca Road, NE – An auto theft was reported on July 3. The victim said that her 1994 Buick had been stolen. She heard an alarm go off, and she looked out of her window and saw a man at the driver’s side door with a tool in his hand. She was screaming at the perpetrator to get his attention, but the guy still took the vehicle.

2000 block of Bolton Road, NW – An auto theft in a parking garage was reported on July 4.  APD responded to a suspicious call, and an officer spoke with the arrested person that was the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The arrested person said that the vehicle belonged to his “buddy” who had left him in the vehicle to sleep off a night of drinking. The vehicle had been reported stolen in Cobb County.