Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos

Though the construction of a City Hall complex on Roswell Road isn’t happening in the immediate future, Mayor Eva Galambos said Wednesday that issuing bonds, a form of borrowing, is a likely way to pay for it.

Galambos said the city can borrow money for the project without raising taxes.

“Obviously when you buy a house, when a family buys a house, you save enough for a decent down payment, then you finance your mortgage and I think we will be able to finance most of our mortgage, which is bonds,” Galambos said.

She said building a permanent structure will also save the city money because it won’t be renting its City Hall, as it does now.

The planned City Hall complex could include City Hall, a police department and a municipal court. Sandy Springs currently leases office space and hasn’t had a permanent home since the city formed five years ago.

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of